Beer of the Week: Raging Bitch

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From: Frederick, Maryland
ABV: 8.3%
Type: IPA
Season: All
Price: $10.99 a six pack
Compliments: Cajun foods, Spicy

Sitting at a towering 8.3% ABV, this beer from Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery is no joke. The Raging Bitch is a strong IPA, make sure you have something to eat while or before consuming. Non-IPA drinkers be warned that this is a serious beer.

Now that the cautionary advice is over, get to enjoying the appropriately named Raging Bitch. Although it is a little bit more expensive for a six pack, you’re getting a lot after you feel buzzed after just two beers. Perfect for enjoying the NFL playoffs, crack one open and let the Raging Bitch out of you.