Mozzarella and Pesto Grilled Cheese

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What is better than going then New Years, Christmas, and Disney World combined? Stumbling into 7/11 when you’re drunk! With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to pick the wrong one!

Whether it is your college convenience store, the book store, or a cvs, when you’re drunk and hungry it is going to be an ordeal. Should you go for the gold fish or the ice cream even though it’s 10 degrees outside? Look there’s 18 new flavors of Doritos…but can you really turn your back on cool ranch? You’re bound to spend more time studying the snacks then any material for class.

But this time you’re looking for more than a snack. You’re looking to get adventurous.

Well grab yourself a Campbell’s tomato soup, bread, and some cheese. It’s time to fire up the burners and make grilled cheese. The perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner; grilled cheese is a staple of any college diet. If you’re feeling fancy, add some pesto and fresh mozzarella for a melted sandwich out of this planet. See? It was good move skipping hot pockets for a fourth night. Your body wasn’t meant to process whatever is in them.

Two slices of bread
Shredded cheese
Pesto (optional)

1. Apply the butter to both sides of the bread. This will allow the outside to turn nice and golden brown when cooked.
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2. Turn the flame on medium and heat up one side of the bread for both piece on a pan. Remove from pan and add the pesto on one side and cheese on the other. Make sure to place the cheese and pesto on the side of the bread that just cooked so it can melt the cheese.
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3. On a medium to medium low flame add the constructed sandwich and cook for 4 minutes a side. Be careful that the outside does not burn and instead gets a nice golden brown.

4. Remove and enjoy. Wander back to 7/11 for those hot pockets 20 minutes later. Pretend they weren’t for you when people show up to your apartment while you are heating them up.

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