EGGS100: Fried Egg

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Bacon. Egg. Cheese. This holy trinity has become even more popular than the church on Sundays. After grueling through another weekend, this morning delight has soaked up more alcohol than Lindsey Lohan in Vegas.

As college students, it’s our job to be broke. Therefore cooking for ourselves is a necessity, unless your parents gave you a copy of their credit card. Therefore, breakfast is normally the least expensive meal to cook. The most underrated part of the bacon egg and cheese is the precision that goes into making that fried egg in the middle.

The fried egg is the glue guy in the equation. It might not be the most glamorous, but it brings everything together. Therefore it is crucial to know how to make the perfect fried egg. Create any breakfast sandwich with this installment of EGGS100, the fried egg.

1 egg
salt and pepper

For Breakfast Sandwich above:
ciabatta roll
fresh mozzarella, melted

1. Begin by greasing the pan and heating it to a medium high heat.

2. Crack the egg on the pan and let sit for 2 minutes. The egg will turn white.

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3. Using a spatula, carefully flip the egg onto the yolk side. Cook for 2-3 additional minutes for desired level of yolkiness. The longer you cook the egg the less yolk there will be for you to soak up with your bread.

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4. Toss that egg on a roll and enjoy. Go back to bed and repeat until no longer completely hung over.