Beta Buffalo Wings

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Well it’s the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. All of America is looking on as two teams from Denver and Seattle, places where most Americans will probably never visit, play on the largest stage. The Superbowl is a national holiday for most fraternities. All day there will be endless debates on the secondary, secret weapons, and bunch of other dumb insights that will probably have no effect on the game in any manner. But it’s football, so you obviously will win every debate. John Clayton has got nothing on you.

It’s almost game time, but the pledges forgot to call Buffalo Wild Wings and now there’s a 3 hour wait for wings. Time for you to steal the show. By either baking or grilling wings, you can have bar worthy wings that your bros will compare to every joint in town. Combining Franks Red Hot sauce with a little BBQ sauce adds a little sweetness to go with the heat. You might not know who wins the game later, but there is one thing you do know. Your wings are going to be a winner…and you’re going to be way too hungover for class tomorrow. What kind of un-American professor holds class the day of the Super Bowl?


1 package of connected wings (around 30 wings)
salt and pepper
2 Tablespoons of olive oil
1 cup of Franks Red Hot Sauce
1/3 cup of BBQ Sauce (I prefer Trader Joe’s)

Preparing the Wings:

1. Begin by cutting the wings in half if you bought full wings. You can do this by standing up the wing and cutting through the V shape created in between the drumstick and the wing. See below for the angle you need to cut. If you don’t cut it at the V joint, it will be much harder to separate. After, remove the tip from the wing using the same method of cutting the V. Discard the tips. It takes some practice, but it will get easier to cut.

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2. Lightly apply salt and pepper to the chicken. Toss in olive oil until all wings are coated.

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Grilling Wings:

1. Preheat grill to 450 degrees

2. Place wings on the grill and cover. Cook for 10 minutes a side with the grill cover closed.

3. After flip the wings every 5 minutes. Some wings will be golden brown and cooked so remove from grill when each wing is done.

4. Toss in combination of hot sauce and BBQ sauce

Baking Wings:

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2. Place wings on a baking sheet and cook 20 minutes per side.

3. Toss in combination of hot sauce and BBQ sauce